Society has conditioned us to avoid making mistakes, fear failure and try to fit in;
while Religion has taught us not to sin.
Is it not perhaps the reason why we have lost our dare, discarded our uniqueness
and lived our lives filled with guilt & condemnation?
What about living an adventure where you explore your abilities, make more mistakes,
win more and enjoy the freedom of forgiveness?
What about living a life of victory instead of defeat?
It is available for us all!

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The key to success in any business is effective and proper leadership. Leadership is a skill which means that one can learn it and one can become better in
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We are often blinded by our habits, traditions and past experiences. We don’t see new possibilities and different ways to approach opportunities and
obstacles in life. Read More.

Motivational Sessions

Motivational session with groups, focusing on building mutual understanding and appreciation for personal differences as well as developing mental toughness. Read More.

Private Consultations

Individual 60 min mental coaching sessions. Focusing on making best decisions for your life and understanding principles governing our lives.
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I am the Mental Coach of the Golden Lions from 2015 – and amazing things are happening amongst them!


Every decision we make changes us on the inside. Whatever you decide – do it with wisdom not with emotion!

Let me help you improve your life today!

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What is it we see? Is it not what we hope to see or expect to see?
When we fear – is what we see reality or imagination?
Be wary of evidence given by others because in all evidence there is some form of interpretation.
Your eyes see, your mind explains; but the mind can only explain what it has gained through knowledge or experience.
So when you see – it does not mean that you know.

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