• I am the Mental coach of the Golden Lions from 2015
  • I have lectured at the North-West University in the subject of Sport Psychology & Sport-science for graduates & post-graduates
  • I have worked with the executive leadership teams of a well-known corporate companies
  • I practice as mental coach for athletes & non-athletes – young and old!
  • I was the mental coach at the Blue Bulls from 2006 to 2010 – in that time we won the Super 14 three times!
  • I do executive coaching for managers in corporate companies
  • I am a motivational speaker & mental coach and have had the priveledge to perform at numerous companies, teams, schools etc. in the past 18 years!
  • I minister in churches from all denominations
  • I do leadership training in sports-teams as well as in the corporate world
  • I have presented talks in the United States at the International Wellness Conference in Wisconsin
  • I present courses for parents / coaches / athletes / companies on the subject of the mental toughness, leadership, teamwork etc..
  • I act as facilitator in the strategic planning of businesses and schools
  • I am a keen golfer and tennis-player & the best is… I can do both of these with my wife and kids!