What I Do

Individual 60 min mental coaching sessions. Focusing on making best decisions for your life and understanding principles governing our lives and influencing our relationships.

Sessions are either:
a) One-on-one in my office
b) Via webinar if a personal consultation is not logistically viable. (I send you a link, you go to the link and we connect via computer & internet & headset / earphones & microphone in a personal conversation)

Motivational session with groups focusing on building mutual understanding, appreciation for personal differences and acquiring mental toughness principles in dealing with competition or business pressures. Whatever we hear on a consistent basis is eventually what we believe. Hearing the stories of victory, of mastering challenges and of the principles we need to know and then learning how to do them is essential to inspire, motivate and equip us to live a life of victory. Challenges will never disappear but our ability to deal with them can always improve. This is what these sessions are all about…
The key to success in any business is effective and proper leadership. Leadership is a skill which means that one can learn it and one can become better in it! This is a fascinating and ever-dynamic process because people are all different and unique. Leadership is the wisdom to deal with relationships in wisdom.
Is it not true that we are often blinded by our habits, our traditions and our past experiences to see new possibilities and different ways to approach opportunities and obstacles in life? Strategic planning is exactly this – getting someone “from outside” to challenge one’s habitual way of thinking and planning… and perhaps discovering new horizons!

Contact me @ 083 291 0181 or
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jannieuserWhat I Do