Executive Coaching

The amount of people in leadership-positions that eventually “burns-out” due to mounting pressures and higher expectations (especially those who produce results) are rising at an alarming pace! Maintaining a well-balanced life in a world where production and “bottom-line-values” rules has become a huge challenge.


Mentorship is essential in today’s life of less time, more to do. On every radio-station people are crying out for help on the issues our youth has to deal with on a daily basis. Depression among teens, suicide, violent behavior etc. are things happening within our society – amongst us! The lack of proper guidance at schools and the scarcity of true role-models is a real issue we have to face. We need to teach our children what the right things to do are.. We cannot blame them if we don’t show them!

Inspirational Speaker

I have a passion for excellence and I love challenges. To share stories and inspire people is part of my calling. As motivational speaker I aim to inspire others to decide to choose to live a life of victory, of quality and of purpose. To one day be able to stand before your Creator and hear Him say: “Well done – worthy and excellent child!

Mental Coaching

The area of MENTAL COACHING has long been recognized as probably more important than physical ability in any sport. “It is all in the head” is not an unfamiliar statement. Because of our traditional views concerning being personally involvement with people we neglected the “mental area” and coaches focused only on their athlete’s physical conditioning & did the traditional “psyching up” before competition. There is a great adventure waiting for those who want more!

Parental Guidance

After many years of working with thousands of children, teens and youth who desire to perform at top level, I realize and know that there is a massive need for proper guidance – not only to the performers themselves, but also to those people assisting them (parents, coaches, mentors, friends etc,…). Together everyone achieves more… T.E.A.M. Why don’ t we make such a team? It is so much fun! It is my passion and my joy!

Marriage and Family-counselling

The quality of your life is greatly determined by the quality of the questions you ask. Great questions have great answers! Regarding business and relationships.. we often have to do exactly this – ask better questions.. Allow me to assist you – it is a great adventure! My disastrous marriage got saved many years ago by God’s grace.. and great questions!